Corporate Account Request

First, let's make sure you're in the right place. Corporate accounts for must satisfy one of the following:

  • The company is incorporated in the United States
  • The business operates within the United States

If your company is incorporated outside the United States and the business operates outside of the United States, you will need to apply here: Bittrex Global Corporate Account Request

Some benefits of a corporate account include the following:

  • High Withdrawal Limits – Corporate accounts have a 1000 BTC equivalent 24-hour withdrawal limit. Certain withdrawal types may impose a per transaction limit.  
  • Fiat (USD) Trading  –  Corporate customers operating in one of the states listed here can participate. 
  • Fast Deposits– Enjoy lower confirmations for qualifying coins.
  • Priority Support  Corporate support requests are routed to the corporate support queue for priority handling.
  • Instant Settlement - Instant wire settlement for qualified customers.  
  • API integration benefits -